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At Pomona Christian we firmly believe in the profound significance of God's family and the role it plays in shaping strong, thriving communities. As we come together to worship, learn, and support one another, we recognize that the concept of family extends beyond biological ties. It encompasses all believers united by their faith in God and their commitment to love and care for one another. Just as the Bible teaches us, we are "members of one another" (Ephesians 4:25), and this interconnection forms the cornerstone of our church's mission.

In a world often marked by rapid change and societal challenges, the importance of building strong families cannot be overstated. Families serve as the bedrock upon which our communities are built. As we cultivate Christ centered values such as love, respect, and compassion within our families, these values ripple outwards, positively influencing every sphere of society. At Pomona Christian Church we offer a nurturing environment where individuals and families can find guidance through biblical teachings, fellowship, and support. Through our kids and youth programs, family events, and deeper study oppurtunities, we aim to empower families to navigate life's complexities while staying rooted in their faith and values.

Our church is committed to fostering an atmosphere where God's family thrives. By prioritizing quality time together, investing in open communication, and nurturing spiritual growth, we create an environment where bonds are strengthened and relationships are fortified. We encourage parents to lead by example, showing their children the transformative power of a life lived according to God's Word. Together, we build strong families, creating a legacy of love, unity, and faith that echoes through generations. Join us in this journey of faith and family, as we strive to honor God through our relationships and the impact we make in the world around us.

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